About Us

Who is National Utility Solutions?

National Utility Solutions utility sales tax consultantsNational Utility Solutions started out in Kingwood, Texas specializing in performing predominant use studies. With a combined 60 years’ experience in the utility sales tax exemption industry, we are celebrating our 7th year in business in April 2024. ¬†We serve all of the United States where utility sales tax exemptions are available. ¬†We perform professional engineer-certified predominant use studies to determine a meter’s eligibility to have State, City, County, MTA, and Special sales taxes removed or reduced (depending on the State the facility is located). ¬†We also compile and file the required paperwork with the utility companies and the State agencies to recover applicable refunds.

Our professional engineer certifies that our predominant use studies are accurate to within .5% tolerance.  We have handled the defense of countless predominant use studies with various State Comptroller’s Offices and Departments of Revenue in almost every State where these exemptions are available.  The defense of our predominant use studies has saved our clients millions of dollars with future savings as well as eliminated millions of dollars in sales tax liabilities from previous savings.  Our client list includes many Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies.

We have successfully performed predominant use studies in every industry where utility sales tax exemptions are allowed.

We take the steps needed to ensure the content of the predominant use studies is accurate. ¬†We deliver predominant use studies in the format acceptable to the various States. ¬†Our guarantee¬†allows our clients to breath easy knowing both the math calculations and the law behind the math are accurate.¬†¬† We have successfully defended predominant use studies where others have failed. ¬†Even though our associates have successfully performed and defended over 21,000 predominant use studies, for our clients’ protection, we carry a $1,000,000 Professional (errors and omissions) insurance policy in addition to a $2,000,000 General Liability policy.

Contact us to see if a predominant use study will give you cost savings benefits via utility sales tax exemptions and refunds.  Check your State and industry or call 346-241-0100 or Toll Free at 844-767-0037 to reach our utility sales tax consultants for a no-obligation consultation.