Qualified Industries

Industries that may qualify for the utility (electricity, natural gas, and water) sales tax exemption and refund of sales taxes paid in error can be seen below.  Note: the laws will vary from State to State in terms of how these industries may or may not qualify.  More importantly, the specifics of what is considered exempt usage versus taxable usage will also vary from State to State (for example: air conditioning may be considered exempt usage for the production area in Texas but taxable in Pennsylvania).  The Predominant Use Study will ultimately determine whether or not a specific meter qualifies for the exemption and at what percentage in many States.

For qualified electricity, natural gas, and water meters in these industries, up to 10% (varies by State, City, and County) can be saved on the utility invoices without having to change utility providers or spend any money out of pocket when refunds are available.   Contact us or call us at 346-241-0100 ext. 3 or toll free 844-767-0037 ext. 3 to find out about our Risk-Free Pricing offer when refunds are available.