Kansas Predominant Use Study

Predominant Use Study in Kansas for the partial utility sales tax exemption and refund
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Our Kansas Predominant Use Study determines the percentage, on a per-meter basis, allowed to be claimed for the utility sales tax exemption for electricity, natural gas, and water. For qualified processes, on a per-meter basis, the State, City, and County sales taxes can be reduced up to the percentage determined by the predominant use study. In addition to removing that percentage of sales tax from the electricity, natural gas, and/or water meter, we will claim a refund up to that same percentage, limited to the statute of limitations (36 months in Kansas).

Our predominant use studies are balanced with a 12-month history and are certified by our PE (professional engineer). The certification will ensure the accuracy of the study as well as the format and content requirements to ensure they are defendable with the State agencies. We handle the defense of our studies with the State agencies at no additional cost to ensure you get the exemption and refund.

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See the link below regarding the law pertaining to this utility sales tax exemption in Kansas as of 01/07/22: