Indiana Predominant Use Study

Indiana Predominant Use Study for utility sales tax exemption
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Our Indiana predominant use study proves the eligibility for the utility sales tax exemption.  If the predominant use study proves more than 50% of the electricity, natural gas, and/or water is used in qualified processes, then we can remove 100% of the State, City, and County sales taxes from the qualified utility invoices.  For those qualified meters, we can also recover sales taxes as a refund limited to the statute of limitations (36 months in Indiana).  If there is less than 50% exempt usage, then a partial exemption is available but no refund is granted.

The process will include a site visit from our experts to gather all power draw data including the exempt and taxable usage.  There will not be any disruption to work flow since nothing will be turned on or off while he is there.  We will compile the predominant use study with our proprietary software at our headquarters and will submit the data to the State of Indiana for approval and any associated refunds.

Our expertise in performing the predominant use studies will reduce your work to providing us copies of utility invoices.  When refunds are available, 99% of our clients prefer our risk-free pricing structure where no payment is due to us until after you receive the refund. Contact us for a no-obligation consultation at 346-241-0100 or Toll free at 844-767-0037.