Wyoming Predominant Use Study

Wyoming Predominant Use Study for utility sales tax exemption
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Wyoming Predominant Use Study determines the percentage of sales tax that is removable and refundable from the electricity and natural gas invoices. ¬†Predominant Use Studies are required for the utility sales tax exemption and refund for electricity and natural gas in Wyoming as seen at link below. ¬†Contact us for a no-obligation consultation to eliminate the sales tax liability created when “over-claiming” this exemption. ¬†The law may also be viewed at the State’s website at the link below on page 2-14. ¬†Call 844-767-0037 ext. 2000 or 346-241-0100 ext. 2000 with any questions or for a quote on getting the maximum allowed exemption via our predominant use study(s).

Actual percentage of utility used in manufacturing.
Predominant Use Studies are required per Wyoming sales tax code on page 2-14.