Oklahoma Predominant Use Studies

Oklahoma Predominant Use Study for the utility sales tax exemption
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Our Oklahoma Predominant Use Study proves the exempt percentage of utilities used in qualifying processes for the utility sales tax exemption in addition to other required information. If the predominant use study proves more than 50% of the electricity and/or natural gas, on a per meter basis, is used in qualifying processes, the State, City, and County sales taxes may be removed and refunded from the time the facility was registered with the State as a manufacturer. The refund will be limited to the statute of limitations (24 months in Oklahoma). Additional information will need to be gathered so our processors may finish the required paperwork to remove and recover the sales taxes paid in error.

Our Oklahoma Predominant Use Studies will account for all power draw including taxable and non-taxable usage. We will also balance our predominant use studies with a 12-month history to ensure they are not seasonal or biased. We will also handle the defense of our predominant use studies with the State agencies. To ensure our predominant use studies are accurate, we will have our P.E. (professional engineer) certify our Oklahoma Predominant Use Studies.

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