Wisconsin Predominant Use Study

Wisconsin Predominant Use Study for utility sales tax exemption
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Our Wisconsin Predominant Use Studies account for all usage, both exempt and non-exempt, to ensure the studies are not biased and are accurate to within .5%.  Our professional engineer certifies the accuracy of the predominant use study(s) to ensure they are acceptable to the State.  An “estimated” claim can result in back taxes due or possibly a shortage in savings going forward and refunds due as can be seen at the State’s website.  Call 346-241-0100 or 844-767-0037 with any questions regarding the utility sales tax exemptions and refunds.  We never charge anything for meters that do not qualify for the exemption.

The “actual” percentage of electricity and/or natural gas used in manufacturing and other qualified uses allow for a partial sales tax exemption.  In addition to the savings, we can also recover a refund of sales taxes paid in error.  The sales tax refund is limited to the statute of limitations (48 months in Wisconsin) up to the exempt percentage proven by the predominant use study.  When our technician’s expertise is combined with our proprietary software, we can maximize the exempt percentage allowed without over-claiming the exemption.  That expertise and software will also eliminate the tax liability associated with this exemption.
Predominant Use Studies are required on a per meter basis for the Wisconsin electricity and natural gas sales tax exemption (if claimed).