Colorado Predominant Use Study

Colorado Predominant Use Study for utility sales tax exemption
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Our Colorado Predominant Use Study provides the best proof of qualification for the utility sales tax exemption and refund.  We will visit your facility to gather the raw data.  After the site visit, we will compile the raw data with our proprietary software to maximize the exemption without over claiming the exemption.  Our predominant use studies will account for all power draw including the exempt usage as well as the taxable usage.  Our predominant use studies are certified by our PE (professional engineer) to ensure accuracy.  Our studies are also balanced with a 12-month history to ensure they are defendable with the State agencies since we also handle the defense of our predominant use studies when needed.

For meters that are less than 75% exempt usage, the sales tax will remain on the utility invoices.  Every January, a refund of the exempt percentage of State, City, and County sales taxes paid may be recovered as a refund.  If the meter is more than 75% exempt, those sales taxes will be removed going forward but the taxable portion of the sales taxes must be paid every January via a direct pay permit.

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